About Appoint An Agent Vendors Advocate

Appoint An Agent is a FREE Vendors Advocate service to assist you select the very best real estate agent in your local area.

Finding the right agent is the most important decision you need to make when selling your home or investment property.  It can have a huge impact on the sale process and  the price you achieve.

How are we different?

Unlike other online agent selectors, we don’t just hand you a list of agents who have signed up with us to generate more business for themselves.  We will give you assistance at every stage until your property is sold – and at the right price!

You will be working with Appoint an Agent director Henry Wilkinson personally.  You will have access to his extensive first hand experience working with countless real estate agents to guide you.

Over time we have seen numerous instances where the selling agent does not represent the best interests of their client (the vendor).

We regularly witness agents giving inappropriate advice and pressuring their clients to make unsound decisions.  Some do little more than setting up the advertising, and opening the door for the open house. Then they turn up for auction day, and hoping for a sale. Not who you want on your side!

On the flip side, we’ve also dealt first hand with many agents who are ultra-professional.  There are many diligent agents who are highly focused on acting in their client’s best interests, and achieving the best result. We know who these quality agents are, and have dealt with many of them on multiple occasions.  We are here to recommend them to you for your property sale.

Why did we establish Appoint an Agent?

The idea for Appoint an Agent initially came thanks to past clients who had purchased property through our buyers agency, Homesearch Solutions.

When it came time to sell, our clients kept ringing us for advice. They were interested in the strength of the current market and the best method of sale. They also asked us which agents we thought were best, and asked for help with the whole process. We then established a sales advisory service (sometimes referred to as a Vendors Advocate service) and  Appoint An Agent was born.