Is there a cost to your service ?

Our service is free of charge to you.

How is your service free of charge ?

We enter into a sub agency agreement with the sales agent you select, and share a proportion of the commission which is fully disclosed to you. Sharing and splitting of commissions is standard practice in the real estate industry, whether it be between agencies or within agencies.

Do you negotiate sales agent’s commissions ?

We ask the sales agent’s for their best commission rates when they are pitching for the listing, and will usually negotiate further.

Do you have a real estate licence ?

Yes, we have a NSW corporation real estate agents licence (No. 1721053), and principal Henry Wilkinson holds a full NSW real estate agents licence (No. 1177271) . We are also members of the Real Estate Institute of New South Wales.

What experience do you have ?

We have been involved in over $1.2 Billion worth of property transactions over the past 20 years as both buyers agents and in assisting vendors. Henry Wilkinson was a committee member and treasurer of the Real Estate Buyers Agents Association of Australia (REBAA) for 4 years, and also spent 2 years on the Buyers Agents Chapter of the NSW Real Estate Institute.

What do I have to sign ?

When initially engaging Appoint My Agent, it is not necessary to sign a formal agreement. At the time of signing a sales agency agreement with an appointed sales agent, Appoint My Agent signs a sub agency agreement with that sales agent.

Is this a new service ?

Vendor advocacy and sales advisory services have been around for over 15 years in the Australian real estate industry. It is more prevalent in Melbourne, and is now becoming an important part of the Sydney real estate scene.

Is there any fee if I don’t sell my property ?

No, the sales commission is only payable if you exchange contracts and sell your property. You may have some marketing and advertising expenses incurred though if you have already signed off on a marketing program with the appointed sales agent.

Can you assist me outside of NSW ?

Yes, we have affiliate firms that can assist in the other state capital cities

Do real estate agents like working with you ?

We have found them to be very co-operative, and appreciative of being given a new sale listing.

Are you aligned to any real estate agency or network ?

No, we are totally independent. Our buyers agency Homesearch Solutions is also owned by Homesearch Property Group Pty Ltd, which is jointly owned by Henry & Caroline Wilkinson.

Do you have any conflict of interest with your buyers agency Homesearch Solutions ?

No, we have never had a buyer client looking for the same type of property as one we are assisting to sell through Appoint An Agent. If this situation did arise in the future, we would not accept the new client and would refer them to a trusted independent colleague to take as their client with no referral fee. Our whole business is built on trust.

How are you different to other vendor advocates ?

Many other vendor advocates are located in remote locations, use databases rather than have personal knowledge, and are only involved in the initial selection of an agent. At Appoint An Agent we have a hands on role through the whole selling process and personally know the real estate agents that we are appointing.

FAQ didnt solve your problem?

Please contact us directly and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Phone Henry on 0409 105 015 or email