Why use a Vendors Advocate?

You may be wondering why you need to use a Vendors Advocate?  What can a Vendors Advocate to for you that you can’t do yourself? And why use Appoint an Agent?

Over the years we have heard countless horror stories from our colleagues and from clients of our Buyers Agency, Homesearch Solutions.  True stories of inexperienced and incompetent sales agents encouraging vendors to sell their properties for less than should have been achieved.  Agents that are after a sale at any price, rather than a sale at the best possible price. With Sydney property likely to be the most costly investment that most of us will make, choosing the wrong real estate agent can be very costly indeed!

Our Buyers Agent clients often approach us when selling the home or investment property that we helped them to purchase. The most common question they ask us is “Which Real Estate Agent should I use?” as they know we deal with real estate agents day in day out.  They ask us which real estate agents do we consider to be the most professional. Which ones offer the best advice, with great contacts, that chase up every lead, return phone calls, and go the extra mile.  That is why we decided to integrate a vendors advocate service into our business.

Some of the many reasons to use Appoint An Agent:

  • Firstly – our expertise is FREE – there is no downside!
  • We simplify the entire selling process and make it as stress free as possible for you
  • We have dealt with thousands of Sydney real estate agents and we know the ones that will fight to get you the best price
  • Unlike national vendor advocacy web sites, we personally know the sales agents we are recommending are the very best, and we are on the ground to help manage the process from start to finish
  • We have over 23 years experience in the Sydney property market
  • We know Sydney property prices intimately and have the best property database available. You will be given the true value of your property and not an overinflated, unachieveable value from an agent wanting to win your listing.
  • We will give our advice with regards to advertising and marketing strategies for your property, avoiding overspend and wastage.
  • We work just in your interests – we are your professional advisor and advocate
  • The sale process will be less stressful for you. We will guide you every step of the way
  • Our business is built on our reputation for honesty and professionalism
  • You don’t have to be responsible for informing sales agents that they have not been awarded your listing, which sometimes involves being hassled